Plastic Fabrication

Plastic fabrication for any industry or application.

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Plastic Machining

CNC routing & CNC machining for custom design and professional precision.

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Plastic Forming

Our experience and knowledge help bring a concept to life.

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ATI Plastics - San Diego's Manufacturing Marvel

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Industry Leaders Depend On ATI Plastics For Precision Plastic Fabrication, Machining, and Design.

Learn More About Our Custom Design & Manufacturing Processes:

Plastic Design Plastic Fabrication Platic Materials Polyethylene

Plastic Design

SolidWorks Model of Powerstix Light Module

Plastic Fabrication

Formed and Assembled Biotech Equipment Enclosure from ABS

Plastic Materials

Plastic Sheets, Plastic Rods, Plastic Tubes, Plastic Films, Plastic Profiles, Tools & Accessories

Plastic Product Development Plastic Material Specifying Plastic Manufacturing Optimization

Plastic Product Development

  • Offshore Drilling
  • Drug Discovery
  • Genomic Research
  • Neonatal Intensive Care
  • Filtration Systems

Plastic Material Specifying

IR, UV, solvents, acids, or abrasion; whatever the resistant properties your process requires, we can locate and source material that will meet your needs.

Plastic Manufacturing Optimization

Cheaper parts. Better quality! Faster turn-around. Less headaches!

Plastic Solid Modeling Conceptual Plastic Design Photo Realistic Rendering Plastic Design

Plastic Solid Modeling

SolidWorks Model of Machined Teflon Guide

Conceptual Plastic Design

Our team will work closely with you in developing your product idea into a rendered image, a 3D model, or a production-ready prototype while maintaining its design integrity and, above all, functionality.

Photo Realistic Rendering Plastic Design

Whether you need advertising ready art-work or a killer display to attract potential funding or customers, photo-realistic rendering provides the impact you're looking for.

Lab Optimization Plastic Forming Plastic Welding

Lab Optimization

Our lab optimization processes will help save you money!

Plastic Forming

Formed and painted ABS shroud

Plastic Welding

Formed and Welded HDPE Enclosure

Plastic Assembly CNC Routing Photo Realistic Rendering Plastic Design

Plastic Assembly

Exploded view of product assembly

CNC Routing

CNC Routed Flame Resistant ABS Cable Guide

Plastic Machining

Formed and Laminated Acrylic Enclosure Door

Plastic Tubes Plastic Rods Plastic Film

Plastic Rods

Acrylic Rods - Cast, Acrylic Rods - Extruded , Acrylic Spiral Rod, CPVC Welding Rod, Carbon Rods & Tubes

Plastic Tubes

ABS Pipe, Acrylic Tubes - Cast, Acrylic Tubes - Extruded, Acrylic Tubes - Square, Acrylite® Satin Ice Acrylic Tubes, Coupled Air Hose, CPVC Pipe, Heat Shrink Tubing, Latex Tubing

Plastic Films

ESD Control Film, Anti-Static PC/PBT Film, Polycarbonate Film, PC/PBT Blend Film, Transluscent White, Polyester Film, Masking Film, Semi-Produits Plastique, Teflon PTFE Glass Fabric, Vinyl

Plastic Profiles Plastic Sheets PolyCarbonate Plastic Tools & Accessories

Plastic Profiles

Acrylic Half Round Rods, Acrylic J Bar, Acrylic Rectangular Bar, Clear PVC Sch 40 45° ELL, Clear PVC Sch 40 CAP, Clear PVC Sch 40 COUPLING, Clear PVC Sch 40 FEMALE ADAPTER, Clear PVC Sch 40 REDUCER BUSHING, GPO-3 Angle, GPO-3 Channel

Plastic Sheets

ABS - Engineering Grade Sheets & Rods, Acrylic Mirror - Plexiglass Mirror, Acrylic Sheet - Decorative Styles, Acrylite Plus® - Display Grade Acrylic, Borated Polyethylene, Boron Nitride, Conductive Polystyrene, Bio-Polymer Shapes, Polycarbonate Mirror

Plastic Tools & Accessories

Acrylic Balls (Polished), Applicator-Syringe, Brillianize Plastic Cleaning Kit, Buffing Kit (Buffing Wheel), Bumpers - Bumpon Display Accessory, Hot Runner Materials for Injection Molding, Layflat Tubing - Polyethylene LDPE

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